1. Do you have guidelines on how to choose between Rx and scaled?

In general Rx means that you have no deficiency in skills. The weights will not be regional level competition weights but will be standard RX weights for workouts. You should be competent in muscle ups, hspu, pistols, or a major strength efficiency… Clean 135-205 in a wod, snatch 95-155 in a wod, deadlift 225-315 in a wod, etc.

2. I’m over 40 but want to compete in the Rx or Scaled division, is that okay?

Yes, competing in the Master’s division is a choice for those over 40.

4. What is the admission fee for spectators?

There will be a $7.00 daily admission fee or $10.00 for full weekend for spectators 12 yrs & over.

        5. Lodging

We will announce special arrangements with local hotels as they develop.

6.  What are the rules concerning conduct?

We will follow the same rules as laid out in the CrossFit Games manual:

“Non-compliance with a Judge’s instructions, bickering with or questioning of a Judge or Event Staff, attempting to show up or publicly embarrass any Judge, Event staff, CrossFit, Event sponsors, spectators, other Athletes or venue operator or owners, as determined by CrossFit (including Event staff) in its sole and absolute discretion, may result in penalty or disqualification of the Athlete from an Event and/or future Events. This includes derogatory comments from an Athlete’s Coach, representative, teammate(s), supporters, guests or entourage.”

7.  What are the rules concerning athlete equipment?

Again, same as CrossFit Games:

“Belts, gloves, neoprene joint sleeves and common fitness wear may be allowed at competitions Events, however, no grip assistance or weight support may be derived from any device worn. In general, gear is allowed that improves safety and/or comfort, but does not confer advantage.”